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Journey to Japan: 2024

In early June, 16 Monte students with faculty members Dayni Staddon and Margarita Blanco and our wonderful leader, Sakura Murata went to Japan. The journey began with four days in Tokyo.


Highlights included homestays in Santa Fe’s sister city, Tsuyama City. In Tsuyama, Mr. Ehara san, who has supported the sister city project for 30 years took the group to the Sea of Japan and on a boat ride.


Some other highlights included learning to make mochi, cooking lessons and learning to play the koto (a Japanese string instrument). The group ended their visit in Kyoto where they went to the snow monkey park and went on a river boat ride in huge wooden boats over the rapids.


Kudos to Dayni and Margarita and Sakura for all that you did to make this trip possible, to Mr. Ehara san for his kindness and generosity, and to our many donors including Mampuku Ramen.