Monte del Sol staff directory teachers at prom



Dr. Zoë Nelsen, Ph.D.
Head Learner
505-982-5225 x101

Erika Penczer
Assistant Head Learner
505.982.5225 x.106

Kristina Deike                              Title IX Coordinator                        Dean of Community Life and Athletic Director                                      505.982.5225 x.112               

Operations + Admissions

Alejandra M Alarcon
Front Office Secretary

Cruz Ontiveros

Bejamin Harris
Office Manager
505-982-5225, x.100

Elizabeth Franco
Business Manager
505-982-5225, x.108

Axiom Analytics                                Business Management              

Maria “Lupe” Cerquera
505-982-5225 x.104

Michael Granado                              Culture and Safety Coordinator  

Ryan (Uvee) Witt                  Garden Coordinator                 

Pablo Cerquera
IT Director
505-982-5225 x107

Paige Weidner
Digital Coach
505-982-5225 x119

Development + Communications

Dr. Zoë Nelsen, Ph.D.
Head Learner
505-982-5225 x101

Judy Herzl
Development/Communications Liaison

Student Services + Programs

Alejandro Jimenez                Counselor/Director of Restorative Practices          505.982.5225 x116                 

Anri Tsutsumi
Educational Assistant, Special Education

Carolina Tavarez
Program Coordinator, College and Career Plaza

Cate Moses
McKinney Vento Specialist

Cecily Weinstein                                Out-of-School Activities Coordinator

Dr. Jenn Péna, JMP Academy        Special Education Advisor

David Esquibel
505-982-5225 x116

Elliot Ryan                                            Special Education Coordinator 505.982.5225 x155       

Enrique Otero                              ELL Coordinator                     

Giselle Hensel-Piburn
Director, Mentorship Program
505-982-5225 x115

Isela Burciaga
Social Worker, Special Education

Joseph Butler
Educational Assistant, Special Education

Judy Herzl
Assistant Mentorship Director
505-982-5225 x115

Karen Loya                    Educational Assistant, Special Education                                  

Kat Isaacson
Speech and Language Pathologist,
Special Education

Kimberly Moyers
Educational Assistant, Special Education

Simon Mudge
Special Education Teacher/Financial Literacy

Tiffany Alonzo
Education Assistant, Special Education

Susha W Pratt
505-982-5225, x116

Vanessa Rivera
Bilingual Benefits Navigator (Casa)
505-982-5225 x.103

Instructional Staff

Alicia Jones                                          Art                                    

Alle Kirkland
High School English/Physical Education

Allegra Love                                  Spanish/Bilingual             

Amanda Smith                                 Dual Credit Culinary         

Ben Hernandez                                  Photography                       

Carla Evans
Middle School Math/ELD

David DePolo                                      Middle School Language Arts

Dayni Staddon
High School World History

Elizabeth Tidrick
High School Language Arts

Erick Druva                                          Middle School Science, Math, MESA

Graciela “Chela” Butler
Middle School Math

Guillermo Tellez
Geometry, Algebra

Jim Heidenberger                             Physics, Chemistry, Dual Credit Greenhouse

John Przyborowski
Humanities Department Chair
High School English Language Arts, Health

Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Granja

Kim Griffis                                            Middle School/High School History

Margarita Blanco
Middle School English Language Arts, History

Molly Mackinnon                              Middle School Science, AP Environmental Science    

Rhonda Crespo
STEM Department Chair
Biology, Biotech, Chemistry, Dual Credit Computer Science

Rudy Penczer                                      Algebra, Statistics, Calculus

Tracy Silva
Testing Coordinator

Wendy Leighton
Middle School History

William Rushing
High School History

Teaching Artists

Anri Tsutumi                                                        Brayden Schmick

Chris Leslie                                 Theater            

Emi Grimm (and Co.)                        Dance Appreciation

Enrique Otero                               Art and Society

Isolde Kille                                      Art and Creativity            

Israel Haros Lopez                             Art + Poetry                      

Joan Stango

Leslie Waltzer                                      Art + Design

Food Service Team

Martin Cole

Tom Kamholz