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The Sustainable College and Career Readiness Program

We believe every student should have the opportunity to earn college credits while meeting high school graduation requirements. Monte del Sol students can take dual credit classes on our campus through our Sustainable College and Career Readiness Program. All High School students are welcome to enroll.

Monte del Sol (MdS) Sustainable College and Career Readiness Program (SCCR) creates the infrastructure and opportunities for students to learn and lead by doing. Students earn both high school and college credits as they work toward a high school diploma, industry certificate, and/or an Associate Degree in various STEM and sustainable fields. We offer courses in three pathways: Computer Science, Culinary Arts, and Sustainability. Students earn dual credits that can lead to lucrative and rewarding careers and create equity of support between traditional four year college-bound students and students seeking alternative career paths. The program increases opportunities for underserved populations, and for all participating students to graduate with a high school diploma, college credits that can lead to a certificate leading to a skilled career in the pathway areas.

Computer Science: Consider all of the things that we use in the world today that only exist because of computer science. Careers in computer science make the world a better place; they are consistently in top demand in today’s job market and are financially rewarding. Monte del Sol has partnered with Santa Fe Community College’s School of Sciences, Health, Engineering, and Math to train our next generation of highly-skilled technical workers. We offer a two-year sequence of courses in computer programming, technology, and engineering. Our two-year pathway is designed to train students who are looking to gain rapid entry into technology-related careers or to begin their college journey into using advanced computing in research and various academic fields. Students gain practical, hands-on experiences through a variety of in-class projects as well as participation in regional and national competitions. Our CS students can earn high school and college credits, as well as industry-recognized certification in the Linux operating system, Python programming, and PC Hardware and Software.

“The computer sciences pathway is a great program that allows for in depth study of all aspects of computers. I find this class engaging and hands-on. The skills it teaches are also becoming more important by the day, as we get more technology in any field. It is a class I would recommend to anyone wanting to go into any field of study or practice.”
- Monte del Sol Computer Science Dual Credit Student

Culinary: One of Monte’s most popular areas of study, the Culinary Dual Credit Program offers students an entry into professional hospitality and food-based fields. Along with studying vocabulary, safety and sanitation, culinary math, knife cuts, basic butchery, and the classic mother sauces, culinary students prepped, cooked and served lunch for the campus. Students were responsible for working and running a pop-up dinner cafe, the Dragon Diner, once per semester. The culinary program holds on average three successful Dragon Diners each year. See our sample menu below. The diners also connect Monte del Sol to the larger community.

Sustainability: Monte del Sol has partnered with Santa Fe Community College’s School of Trades, Advanced Technology, and Sustainability to offer students a two-course sequence in sustainability and sustainable technologies. Coursework involves hands-on laboratory experiments, discussions, and dissemination of content and concepts as students learn the science behind sustainable systems and renewable technologies. In addition, both courses involve students in service learning experiences. MdS currently has a geodesic dome greenhouse and school garden, which supply our school kitchen with small amounts of fresh produce. Students grow healthy organic fresh produce to be prepared fresh daily by our student-run school kitchen. In addition, students manage a school-wide recycling and composting program. In the sustainability classes, students have built and maintained the schools irrigation, water catchment, and small-scale solar and wind energy systems.

Partnerships: Monte del Sol’s SCCR program has many community partners and collaborations. These include: Santa Fe Community College, New Mexico MESA, NM Workforce Solutions, DVR, PED, the NM Apprenticeship Office, and the Institute for Computing in Research. These partnerships support students in exploring their career interests, participate in a career readiness course, provide dual credit courses, paid internship opportunities, and provide assistance with post secondary college and career options. Students participate in work–based learning projects on campus, at SFCC, and around the broader Santa Fe community. Students are eligible to receive wrap-around services, one-to-one career counseling, assistance with job and/or apprenticeship placement during the summers and/or upon graduation.

Students also work with their Pod leaders and our College and Career Counselor to sign up for Dual Enrollment classes offered on the nearby Santa Fe Community College Campus.

“You have also taught me more than cooking, like when we talk about life, money, books, and a lot of other things. I know that I won’t become a chef in the future…but I will know how to do something in the kitchen when I’m hungry or just need some therapy. “
- Monte del Sol Dual Credit Culinary Student

Dual Enrollment Cohort Classes offered on Monte del Sol Campus through a partnership with the Santa Fe Community College

Work Based Learning: In addition to students participating in internships. Students engage in Work Based Projects by building and maintaining the schools Sustainable Systems:

  • dual credit courses Apple Tart with garden applesStudent-run school kitchen
  • Students maintain and harvest the school’s greenhouse and gardens.
  • Students maintain the school’s xeriscaping and irrigation systems.
  • Students maintain the school’s composting and recycling systems.
  • Students maintain the school’s renewable energy systems.
  • Students lead health info sessions and initiatives school-wide.
  • Students participate in internship and mentorship opportunities or maintain a job.
  • Students participate in community outreach and service leadership projects.

The dual enrollment cohort classes offered at Monte del Sol may be applied to certificate programs offered at SFCC. Full Certificate Requirements are described here:

Dual Credit: Sustainable College and Career Readiness Program Staff

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Computer Science Dual Credit Courses
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