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The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) established the Equity Council requirement for all districts and charter schools in the state to ensure that the important work of the Martinez and Yazzie Consolidated Lawsuit was carried out by the experts at the local level.

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) is committed to the work of providing resources and guidance to districts and charters through an “accountability with support” model. This means that the NMPED is building the foundation for equitable spending and allocation of resources through the work of the Equity Councils as advisories to school boards, superintendents, charter school executive directors, and governing bodies through the data collected in the Martinez and Yazzie Readiness Assessment.

Monte del Sol has a DNA in the belief of shared leadership and shared governance, and as such teachers, students and families have a strong voice in the design. Monte had an Equity Council made up of parents, teachers, board members and a student. The Equity Council represents different subgroups: lower socio-economic at-risk students, Native American students, students with disabilities, students who are English learners, economically disadvantaged students, and highly mobile (housing insecure) students. Monte del Sol’s belief in shared leadership and shared governance ensures that all constituents in our school community have a strong voice in the design and work of our equity council. Monte’s Council includes parents, teachers, board members and a student.

Read more about the New Mexico Public Education Department’s commitment to equity across the state, and Equity Councils.

The work of our Equity Council continues through:

  • RESOLVE’s training and skill-building to counter-bullying and build inclusion and understanding of differences (7th grade).
  • Monte faculty participation in anti-racism training and policies, including anti-bias training.
  • Safe Zone training which has resulted in Safe Zones throughout the campus in classrooms and offices.

Monte del Sol Diversity Statement

Monte del Sol welcomes, honors, and accepts all students, families and personnel. Our commitment to building an inclusive community is fundamental to learning and developing leadership skills in young people. It is also a response to the demands of a multicultural and international society. A key leadership skill we seek to develop is training minds to recognize and appreciate varying points of view for the betterment of the MdS community. When a student feels included and feels his/her heritage is valued, she/he feels a sense of pride. By raising awareness about our differences and similarities, we also better understand ourselves and gain an appreciation of and compassion for all human beings. Thus, a focus on diversity is as much a curricular matter as it is a social justice and community issue.

If you would like to participate in expanding Equity at Monte, please email us.

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