Michael Webb

It’s with incredible sadness that we share of the passing of a beloved member of the MDS: Michael Webb. Mike was an integral part of the Monte community for over 20 years and single-handedly created our incredible photography program. Mike impacted the lives of countless students and adults as an educator and friend, and he will be missed. Rest in Power.

La vida es corta ...
these comments by current students, former students, and colleagues are a testament to his impact and professionalism. RIP, Mike.

Remembering Michael Webb

“Mike was a great teacher, and I will never forget his photography classes. He was one of the greats.
His memory will always be with me. RIP Mike” — Adam Witner

“Rest in peace Michael. You were dearly loved by everyone around you. The best teacher & mentor ever.” — Christal

“An extraordinary and inspiring teacher, student ally, and human. I am so sorry for the community of Monte del Sol and all who loved Mike, such a profound loss.” — Michaelene Sargent

“I’m super bummed about this. Mike was always one of my favorite teachers when I was at MDS. I still love film photography to this day because of him. Rest in peace.” — Aaron Guillermo Vogel

“Such sad news. A true lifelong learner, authentic human and continuous doer/maker of all sorts. Rest in Peace Mike”— Myoko Costello

“Mike, you spoke from your heart and I always wanted to hear what you had to say…your honesty, humor and zest for life inspired me. I am grateful to have known you.” — Anne Salzmann

“A joy of a teacher and an even better person, we’ll miss you endlessly! Rest easy Mike.” — Iveth Enriquez Marquez

“Heartbreaking news…Michael was an incredible teacher and mentor to my two daughters while at MDS, grades 7-12. Both earned postsecondary degrees in the arts – one in photography. RIP dear Michael – I hope you are finally pain free and dreaming sweet.” — Denise Lalancette Johnston

“Mike was more than a teacher to all who knew him. He was a friend you could come to and talk to about school drama, work, family, or anything because he would always hear you. He would always show you how much he cared for you. He would mostly always have a follow up story as well. If it wasn’t something about his high-school experiences, it was about his tattoos. Sometimes he would just stay quiet and process the conversation me and my friends would have. I remember his laugh and his face when we would start our “Would you rather questions”. His smile when he would see our photos come out to his perfection. Rest in peace mike, you were more than a teacher but a friend, mentor, and someone to look up too. Thanks for all the stories you provided us with and the lessons you presented us. we truly know how much you loved to teach us the true art of photography. we will truly miss you and photography class. Take the day off like Ferris Bueller”— Jassiel Avila

“Mike deeply impacted my daughters’ experience both educationally and on a one-to-one level. He deeply cared about his students, and like many in the Monte community did not hesitate to identify both successes and challenges and would not rest until a student was “seen.” As a board member I always relied on his balanced and kind-hearted assessment of any situation. We lost a special person, an amazing educator and talented artist. God speed.” — Ken Joseph