Monte del Sol Charter School educates and inspires Santa Fe’s diverse population in grades 7 through 12, by building strong relationships and creatively engaging the local and global community. 





“As I near the end of my second year of graduate studies, I spend more time reflecting on my formative years and, more importantly, the educators with whom I frequently interacted... I realize more and more that the education I received at Monte del Sol extended far beyond the classroom... I feel very strongly that the educator-student dynamic at Monte del Sol is not one that is easy to come by and is largely responsible for the positive aspects of my growth throughout high school.”
- Monte del Sol Graduate

Portrait of a Monte Graduate

Emily N 2022 Gabriella Marks Photo
Photo: Gabriella Marks Photography

Intellectual curiosity

A joy for learning

Creativity in thinking, performing and self-expression

Engagement in and compassion for our community and for humanity

Respect and care for self, others and the environment

Diego 2022 Gabriella Marks Photo
Photo: Gabriella Marks Photography
Years in existence
Years in existence
Enrolled students
Enrolled students

Our Pillars

Provide a small school so each individual is known.
Acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of its members and the community.
Connect students with adult community members through the Mentorship program. 

Teach the importance of environmental sustainability in our curricula and through participation in the garden.

Global Literacy
Foster awareness of the world through international trips, student exchanges, special events and curricula.

Arts Integration
Engage students in the arts through events, activities, and curricula.



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Dragon Highlights

Kudos to Monte Students:

Jazmin R Fest Learning 2022 MonteDelSol GabriellaMarksPhotoSenior Jazmin Rodriguez has been selected as a Fellow for the 2022-2023 academic year at Global Santa Fe, formerly the Santa Fe Council for International Relations.

Senior Enzo Abbate is one of eight New Mexican students selected by the nonprofit New Mexican Human Rights Projects to participate in the Model International Criminal Court (MICC) mock trials in Krzyzowa, Poland. The trip is nearly 100 percent funded by a German organization that supports projects with Israeli, German, Polish and U.S. high school students. The MICC trials are set for Feb. 17-22 at the International Youth Center in Krzyzowa, Poland, about 210 miles southeast of Berlin. The youth center is a historical site where a German resistance group, the “Kreisau Circle,” fought against the Nazi regime and developed the plans for a democratic rebuilding of post-World War II Germany.

Great Work, Wendy!

Wendy Monte del Sol teacher in SF reporterWendy Leighton, Founding Faculty and Middle School History Teacher, was very busy lending her knowledge and passion for teaching history during the 2021-22 school year and summer that followed. She was on the team of educators that revised the K-12 Social Studies Standards in NM focusing on tribal sovereignty, social justice and sustainability. She served on the high school US history team. This is the first time in the history of New Mexico, that LGBTQ history will be required in all public and charter schools in the state.

She also helped to write the new INSTRUCTIONAL SCOPE to support the updated social studies standards. The NM IS was adopted this summer. She served on the US history high school team.

This summer, Wendy was asked by Simone Vann, The Black Education Curriculum Coordinator, to write the first sample lesson plans that are culturally relevant to African American students for public and charter schools in New Mexico. She drafted a total of10 lesson plans for social studies, ELA and science for middle school and high school. These will be digitized and available on the NM PED website for the Black Education Act under “resources’, then “teacher resources”.

We are so proud of Wendy and excited to integrate her curriculum and expertise at Monte del Sol!